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    Eng Toolset and NPM integration questions


      Hi everyone


      I have a couple question about the engineer toolset that some of you may know but I can't seem to find answers for on thwack or in the admin guide.  In regards to integration with NPM, can I setup automated traceroutes for groups of devices, if so can I set up alerting in NPM for said automated traceroutes?  Does the toolset write to the SQL db when it is installed alongside NPM or does it still use its own access db?  We are looking at purchasing the toolset for use as a replacement to pingplotter and a couple other misc one off applications we are currently using to try to streamline monitoring.  If this were possible then the toolset just became very valuable to us.  Thanks in advance for the help!!!  ,

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          Toolset integration is not designed to run tools automatically. Toolset does not store anything in Orion database, its tools use their own databases, if they need them. As for the automated traceroutes, you may be interested in our IP SLA Manager product. This product monitors SLA operations on remote devices, where one of the operations is traceroute. IP SLA Manager collects the traceroute information and provides it in a simple view on all the paths between devices including some performance statistics.

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