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    F5 UNDP CPU OID Value: Correct in UNDP Application, Incorrect on Orion Webpage




      First off, I carefully checked the web display type as described here:



      The OID is:  as recommended for Calculated (including Deltas) CPU Usage (1 min intervals) by F5 Support:  http://support.f5.com/kb/en-us/products/big-ip_ltm/manuals/product/bigip_tmos_concepts_11_0_0/tmos_snmp.html#1061332


      I checked to make sure that this is a GET NEXT OID. I then check Web Display and noted that only Chart and Gauges are available ( as they normally would be for GET or GET-NEXT only OIDS).


      When I test the 4 F5's in the Orion UNDP Program, I get the correct CPU readings as shown:




      When I put it into a graph on the webpage, I get this, here is the raw data from the graph. They don't match up!


      26-Apr-201210:47 AM0000
      26-Apr-201210:57 AM0000
      26-Apr-201211:07 AM0001
      26-Apr-201211:17 AM0000
      26-Apr-201211:27 AM0100
      26-Apr-201211:37 AM0000



      Before I open a case with SolarWinds Support, I want to rule out any user error.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.