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    Feature Request - Connector/Tool for Syslogs from Windows Log Forwarder client

    Sohail Bhamani

      A customer I am working with this week had a need to monitor windows servers for *any* error event in the Application and System event logs.  I traded some emails with Cheryl Nomanson about this but was unable to find a field which would be used to clue in on this wildcard type of event search.  I thought that since the Log Forwarder for Windows client can forward event log entries into Orion as syslog, it would be nice to send those syslogs to LEM.  I set this up but then realized there is no connector for this available in LEM that I know of.


      So, a LEM connector which can normalize Log Forwarder for Windows syslog's would be pretty nice and open up a number of items in relation to wildcard searches for folks who need this for some compliance need.




      Sohail Bhamani

      Field Engineer

      Loop1 Systems