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    Feature request - More scalable and manageable unmanage utility




      With a very large infrastructure to manage and monitor, maintenance management becomes quite complex. We hoped that the Unmanage utility would help us reduce the node management complexity, but it is still very complex to manage when you have a large amount of nodes to monitor, especially when you need to change the maintance schedule and the node list. Our environnement is constantly changing and this utility is not helping us to follow the reccurent mantenances.


      Maintenance schedules should be based on a set of rules and not a static list of nodes.


      For example, you should be able to set these rules:

      • Windows servers that are located in Quebec city will be unmanaged every monday between 6AM and 8AM.
      • Cisco switches that are member of the "production" Group will be unmanaged every third Sunday of every month, between 10PM and 11PM


      For now, the utility is not that simple for a large environnent. It is more suitable for a small one. Also, scheduling should be managed by the application, not with Windows tasks. Windows Tasks are not scalable enough.