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    IPAM feature Request -  IP address request option for end user


      Here is my challange: I have 5 groups (Windows Servers admin, Unix/Linux Server Admin, Storage Admin, Voice Engineers, Clinical analys, Financial and Network Admin) Six of this groups always have to go to the "Network Admin" to request an IP address on when a new project is coming up. The request is usually vai email.


      What I would like to see is a web page for I.T guest users (I.T staff that don't have access to Solarwinds Orion) where they can have an option "Request an IP address" then they get presented with a page that have all the requires custom fields to submit for an IP address. Ex. Hostname, Vendor, Application, Server Model, etc. Once the information is submitted, then it generates a message to the requesting user witth a ticket number and also a message withing IPAM to the Network Admin. Then all the admin has to do is assign the the requestr to an IP adress and all the fields should automacally populated and an automated message would be generated to user within IPAM.


      I lknow it sounds a lot of work to make this happen and the email comunicatin is working, but for the audit trail and work flow process perspective on who requested IP, who authorized the IP, Meeting custom field requirements, sounds like a good idea to me.

      May be for IPAM version 5?