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    Visio and LANsurveyor or LANsurveyor Express



      We're trying to evaluate LANsurveyor Express. Most links on the product page point to the trial version of the full LANsurveyor product. But we did finally find one link that actually led to a download of LANsurveyor Express 10.2. Unfortunately, it appears that it may not be trial-ware; as it asks for a product serial number. Is there a trial version of LANsurveyor Express? And how can I get a trial license key?


      The reason I'm trying to checkout the Express version???? Well, we have the fully licensed LANsurveyor product but in order to save a map as a Visio drawing you have to have Visio installed on the machine running LANsurveyor. LANsurveyor is installed on a server so the entire team can get to it. I have Visio on my workstation. But Visio cannot import a saved LANsurveyor map file (.lsu). And it doesn't make sense to install Visio on a server and have an expensive piece of software sit idle 95% of the time. So I can't figure out a way to 'connect' the two.


      Is there a different option for getting a LANsurveyor map into Visio?