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    Interface graph and gauge not showing plots


      So I downloaded and installed the toolkit 10.8 added the snmpv3 credentials, I logged in successfully and want to monitor my Cisco ASA outside and inside interfaces for BW, and utilization, but the graphs show no plots and the gauges don't work.  The snmpv3 credentials work just fine, I get memory and CPU stats just fine but nothing for the interfaces, even after discovery and dragging from devices to the center and setting them up, interface speeds auto populated.


      Attached is one gauge showing a good memory gauge, the other is showing no reading on interface gauge.

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          Interface charts and gauges are reading values from ifTable (OID: and ifXTable (OID: Open MIB Browser gadget (in SNMP Tools folder in Workspace Studio) and read the two tables from the device. Check for columns ifInOctets or if OutOctets (ifHCInOctets and ifHCOutOctets respectively). Do they show any values? If yes, there may be an issue in Workspace Studio and I would recommend contacting our support.