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    IPAM Reports - Feature  request


      I would like to see a report capability for IPAM (or if there is one already please advise). Here is what I am asking for: Our CIO asked today: I need a total count of Windows server and Unix Server and the applications running on each server in the next 10 minutes (took me 1 hour to get the info from other sources). I would be nice to be able to generate reports from IPAM and send an email from IPAM as well to my CIO. Currently I have the ability to do an export on IP address from IPAM, but I can do that from my DCHP server as well which defeats the purpose.

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          I think that this is the task for SAM which can filter our Windows or Unix servers and it can also obtain applications running there. IPAM can't monitor apps.

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              I probably didn't decribe my request properly...currenlty I am addting custom fields into IPAM to be more descriptive of the item (see image below)


              IPAM Custom Field.JPG


              I want to be able to run a report on this custome fields or any field within IPAM. Since you guys are not sharing information between NCM, NPM and IPAM this will help; unless, there is roadmap to consolidate the dabatabase information of these products.


              hope it makes sense?

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                  this is already possible but you need to write custom SQL report and know IPAM db structure. For instance:


                  -- Example how to get Custom Field called myLocation for each IP Address

                  select n.IPAddress, d.myLocation from IPAM_Node n

                  join IPAM_NodeAttrData d on n.IPNodeId = d.IPNodeId


                  -- Example how to get Custom Field called myLocation for each Group/Subnet/Supernet

                  select g.Address, d.myLocation from IPAM_Group g

                  join IPAM_GroupAttrData d on g.GroupId = d.GroupId


                  -- Example how to get Number of same items in Custom Field Called myLocation from IP Addresses

                  -- Number of IP Addresses in each Location

                  select d.myLocation, COUNT(*) 'Count of myLocation items' from IPAM_Node n

                  join IPAM_NodeAttrData d on n.IPNodeId = d.IPNodeId

                    group by d.myLocation

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                      Thank you michael for the example provided. I guess I am confuse on how thie forum is use because I am posting items that are "product enhancement / feauture request", but in this case and many more I get a half answer to request which is not what I am looking for. I have an active maintenace contract whihc I can use and get a work around as you presented, but what I am asking is to make the product more user friendly by providing a built-in reporting wizard or reports templates within the IPAM for future versions. So at this point I don't have the confident that I am submitting a feature request because you gave me this answer.

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                          I'm glad you asked. Let me clarify the purpose of feature request forum. The reason why we are always trying to provide an advice, workaround or similar solution for feature request is that we want to be sure that non of proposed solutions are acceptable for you/our users. Because from time to time you may consider that you don't need exactly what you are asking for but similar workaround resolves your problem/pain point too.

                          We also want to initiate community discussion by providing tips or workaround how to resolve what you are asking for which can bring more light into the problem.


                          We are not definitively against new feature requests and if you still see that what we or the community suggested does not resolve your issue then simply say "no this is not enough" and if it is reasonable then we will be more than happy to enter a new feature request and work with you on details.


                          I hope that this gives you the answer how the feature request form works.

                          Now back to your original feature request - if you feel that what we mentioned as a possible solution is not enough just let us know and I'll enter that into our internal system.




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                        Hi ajurado,


                        I think you can already do what you requested with the report writer.

                        We use it to report on recent changes done within IPAM bye IPAM admins, new discoveries by IPAM, listings of IPs per location, etc. etc.

                        Within the Report writer there are three different types of IPAM reports available.

                        Take a look and report if that works for you and if it doesn't what it is that you are looking for that this does not provide for a feature request.


                        EDIT: Sorry, only read your first post after posting this... not sure I understand it all..

                        I am not sure why you want to use IPAM to report what applications are running on it... but as I said if it's just the custom fields you want, I believe this is possible with the report writer (just judging from your second post).

                        If its the applications and kind of server you want, SAM would be the way to go.
                        If you want advanced reporting with information from different databases, michals post is all you can do for now.


                        Hope it helps,


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                            First of all, thank you to both you for taking the time to respond to this request.


                            Michael, "no this is not enough" because you know that this product should make everyone’s job easier and I shouldn't have to go around learning the database or how to write sql statements to get something so basic.


                            Here is the main problem with the product and to my request. You don't have a centralized database for NPM and IPAM and I creating custom fields that are almost identical on both applications.

                            You need to make sure the same database is shared among the applications. I have teams accessing the IPAM module and other team accessing NPM and both have different custom information

                            for the same server. I need one area, one easy way to run reports that even an entry level technical staff can figure out. There is no value to my organization to purchase a product that will require another FTE (full time employee) to manage and to be an expert on it. Look at this screenshot so you can see what I am referring too.


                            Custom Fields.JPG

                            To be clear, I am not looking for a workaround. I want this to be fix. Thank you.

                            **Sorry if my reply sound harsh, it's my intent.