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    Exposing additional MBeans in JMX


      Hello All,


      We are working with WAS Version 7 and have JMX enabled. We have been able to successfully set up JMX with solawrinds using the 'Fidnd process...' however there are several mbeans that come with WAS version7 that don't show as available mbeans. Are there ways to expose those additional mbeans for JDBC connections - create count, close count, usage and wait time etc that are available with PMI enabled?


      Please forgive me if this question has been asked before and if the answer is in a different thread please feel free to post it. Thanks in advance for your help.

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          Hi JordanneB,

          if the MBean is available, just not exposed you can edit existing/new application or template and add new 'JMX Monitor' component. You must fill out the required information manually - besides the connection information you need the exact MBean object name in the form of <domain_name>:<property_value_list>, the attribute name and optionally key in case of composite attribute types. You can verify the provided information by testing the component against your Java application server.

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              Thank you so much or your quick response and help tomb! I've queried WAS to find the running mbeans and located the complete object name and attribute as suggested. Testing within WAS I can pull up the values, but within solarwinds it still says it can not find the object name - even though I've confirmed it's correct querying the app server. I'm certain I'm missing some very basic step.


              In a follow up question, WAS also provies may additional mbeans through the admin thin client, is there a way to harvest that though solarwinds - whether by a plugin orotherwise?