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    Database error and password retrieve question

    Todd Xie

      Dear all,


      My Log & Event Server stop working last night without reason, we have done nothing on it except installed some agents on servers yesterday.


      Pls find "ServerHaltInfo.jpg" enclosed for server halt error reference.


      After reboot, I got error as showed in "ServerErrorAfterReboot.jpg", then Log & Event manager is able to login server after a period waiting, hope this won't happen again.


      By the way, I'm not sure my password to login Log & Event manager, as at the first time when Log & Event manager prompts to change the password and I changed it with failure, for now all logins are automatically, I tried this password on other Log & Event manager PC but failed, could you let me know how can I retrieve my admin password of Log & Event manager?


      Looking forward to your reply in earliest convenience,