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    Setting up monitor views for LAN, VM Servers and physical servers

    Chad Babcock

      I am a novice to Solarwinds and seeking information on how to learn more about Solarwinds.  Where can I find the most "free" beneficial training for learning how to set preferred views for my site LAN monitors, VM Server Monitors and Server Application Monitors?


      My ulitimate goal is to setup large screen monitors in three areas of our IT department so we can view realtime status for the three system types. I would also like to assist our staff with setting up preferred views for systems they are respsonible for so when they log into SolarWinds from a desktop they can view systems status.  We are a site associated with an regional implementation of SolarWinds so we have many options available to us.  We also have about 40 other site systems which are all reporting so we would like to focus on what we can do locally.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.  I am not looking for someone to hand me a fish but teach me to fish (or at least read about fishing).  Thank you.