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    Linking outputs from two UDPs & MIBs together




      currently I am trying to chart and graph CPU utilisation on my Cisco 6500 switches.


      I have got quite far in that I have followed a couple of posts in this forum and managed to locate the correct MIBs, and display the results in to a table & chart.


      The only problem is that the labels are horrible.


      I have followed the Cisco article here http://www.cisco.com/en/US/tech/tk648/tk362/technologies_tech_note09186a0080094a94.shtml up to the point where I can display the different UDP pollers in seperate tables and charts. However I need to know whether it is possible to link the 3 MIBs together so that the correct labels are displayed next to each value and so that when I produce a chart, the labels on the chart are also correctly displayed.


      If you need any more information please let me know. I have followed the article able to a T.





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          I had similar questions and issues with respect to interface aliases and portsec pollers on Cisco 3560 switches. I found this to be immensely helpful (slapped myself on the head when I realized no SQL queries were required for what I was doing).  Put your pollers in a group together as described here and their relationship can be maintained on your web page:


          How to Set Up Multi-Column Table With Custom Device Poller

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              Thanks for the document mate...


              It hasn't completely done what I wanted it to do but it is OK for now.


              Basically there are 3 MIB tables that Cisco use to monitor the multiple CPUs in a 6500. You have a MIB that holds the actual CPU utilisation value, then you have a MIOB holding a hardware index, then you have a MIB that links the hardware index to an actual freindly description of the CPU you are monitoring.


              What I have had to do is to poll all three MIBs and put them all in the same table. The problem is that when I graph the CPU utilisation values, the legend of each of the values is the hardware index rather than the freindly description. I cannot find a way of substituting the labels on the graph I have produced with the nice freindly descriptions....


              Have you come accross that problem before?


              Thanks so far!