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    Difference between Availibility Report and Event Report


      I am scratching my head here and hope to see if the community can aid in my delema....


      I am seeking to find or modify a report for all device overall availability for a given month. I started off using the Availibity report and then customize it so I can see certain types of nodes. This report looks at the average of the ResonseTime.Availability for the node for the period of time.




      Then I looked at a report we used based upon the event view based on the time the event occured, when it cleared and eventype =5 (not sure what that was).


      The problem is of course the 2 reports don't match up.


      My question is: If you wanted to run a report to show overall avaiblibity per node for a period of time which would you use - Average.ResponseTime or based on events?


      Please chime in as I have to go one direction or another.