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    Storage Hypervisor

    Matt Vogt

      More and more storage vendors are expanding their storage solutions stack vertically with options to cover a multitude of needs in a greater number of business sizes. But this doesn't mean that one vendor's entire stack is the best tool for every job (though they would very much argue differently). I think that you'll find many business on both sides of the homo/heterogeneous storage debate. Many shops like the single vendor for the myriad of reasons you choose one vendor for anything: one throat to choke, fewer management tools, less to train/learn on, integration tools, etc. In the same way, a great number of shops choose the best SAN/NAS to fit the use case in which the storage is needed.


      One of the emerging trends is the storage hypervisor, which can allow a heterogeneous storage environment look and act like one. The magic is in the software layer - deduplication, replication, tiering, cloning, etc.


      My question is this: if you're a mixed vendor shop, would this make you reconsider? Would a storage hypervisor, if it could promise and deliver the I/O requirements of your application/virtualization needs, give you freedom to shop around?ali

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          Decoupling the management from the vendor, either by way of a 3rd party tool or APIs and management tools from the vendors to play well with others should be something to allow these multi-vendor shops the freedom to continue down the multi-vendor road.  If multiple solutions are working for an organization now, this would hopefully continue that trend.  Not only that, but it allows less reliance on a certain storage vendor which is a bit of a win all the way around (except maybe for the storage vendor)