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    Custom Reporting


      IS their a way to create a custom report to identify all UPS’s that have batteries older than 4 years.

      It looks like the MIB variable appears as APCupsBasicBatteryReplaceDate.

      How would I create a custom report on this MIB?




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          What's the OID for that?

          One thing to bear in mind is that the APC UPS devices don't, as far as I am aware, automatically update this field when you replace a battery - it is up to an administrator to do this.


          But to go back to your question, if you can get the OID returned as a date type, you would need to do a report based on custom SQL where you end up with a test for something like:

          WHERE DATEADD(year, 4, APCupsBasicBatteryReplaceDate) < SYSDATETIME()


          (Please note that is not necessarily going to work out of the box... You may need to do a fair bit of work to transform the OID return value into soemthing you can compare to SYSTIMEDATE()!)