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    Adding SSL Login as an Icon next to telnet

    Bob Hatcher

      On the IP Network Browser you have a number of choices of tools. I have added the SSH, but it is only accessible via the menu drop down under Nodes/Tools. This works but I'm spoiled. We have government mandated PCI security requirements which require all of our thousands of Cisco switches are to be accessible only via SSH. I use Solarwinds IP Network Browser as an extra hand and having an Icon for SSH easily available would really be a help. I already edited the C:\Program Files\SolarWinds\Toolset\IP-Network-Browser\Tools.menu and added the line   Putty... : c:\Program Files\Putty\PUTTY.EXE -ssh ${IP} and I realize this is not sanctioned (yet) from Solarwinds. Can an Icon be added by me as easily or does this require a new binary? I volunteer to be a beta site.