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    SNMP Enabler - Deleting Fake SNMP Service Failed


      Hi, All,


      I've installed SNMP Enabler on a W7Pro-64 workstation and am trying to enable SNMP on around 50 computers on the same subnet with a mix of XP Pro and Win7Pro. The process seems to work fine on Win7 machines, but I'm getting an "Unexpected error" when trying the XP machines. I'm down to trying one computer at a time, but it always fails on XP and when using PsExec the log file shows, in part, Deleting fake snmp service failed.


      I have tried both WMI and PsExec.  WMI fails with an error that I need to review my installation settings (no matter what I change).  PsExec fails with the above error.  PsExec is on my local machine with SNMP Enabler.  The XP OS files are now on a DVD in my local drive - I wanted to know if it was even trying to access the OS install files and it isn't.


      Attached is the last part of the SNMPEnabler.log file with my credentials removed.


      Please let me know what I can try to get this resolved.  Thanks!