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    Handle Daily Time Stamps the Same Across All Modules


      How daily time stamps are used is different depending on the Orion Module.   This specific example compares a daily interface traffic report from NPM with a daily NTA report based on the same time frame, but I have similar issues between NPM and APM.

      In NPM a web chart aggregates traffic for April 9 and displays that daily data point associated with the April 9th x axis timestamp.  In NTA the aggregated data for April 9th is associated with the April 10th 12AM timestamp.  I know how to work around these discrepencies but it would be nice if I didn't have to "normailze" these graphs before sending them

      up to management or explaining why one graph shows no traffic on April 9th while the other show about 11Mbs and that the NTA chart shows a dip in traffic on the April 12th while NPM shows this same dip on the 11th.