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    Dell Switch Receive Discards on LACP Uplinks

    Sameer Tooray

      HI there ,


      Please could you help me in this regard.


      I have 2 x Dell Powerconnect Switches Stacked together connecting to a Dell Equalogix iSCSI Storage Array.


      I am picking up Receive Discards on my LACP Trunks to my edge Dell Switches connecting to the Storage Arrays.


      I am only allowing the Layer 2 iSCSI VLAN across with flow control enabled and Jumbo packets and no Unicast Storm Control (Prerequisites for iSCSI Storage Network)


      I am 100% correct on my architecture and configuration of the Switches.


      Please could someone advise if they have seen anything in this regard? Could the discards be because I am not allowing Vlan1 (default Vlan) across the LACP Trunks?


      Please advise