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    Feature Request:  Report Server


      So I am in the process of exporting my data to a home grown system for capacity planning that we have internally.  Also another user posted today about having an extremely large DB due to retention settings of keeping data for up to 3 years.  This got me thinking. 


      I know this would really be a "Pie in the sky" type request.  What would really be useful in my perspective would be a report server.  This server could be nothing but a data warehouse for old polling data.  It could have the same user friendly UI but offer the ability to look at data from years past.  Now I'm sure some summarization would still be needed perhaps hourly being the smallest sample I don't know. 


      Several of my previous customers along with myself now in my new role I constantly find the need to report on old data but I just can't keep all of that in my primary DB and still have a smooth user experience along with polling existing devices. 


      Some of the features I would envision in this server would be.

      Data retention for several years

      Ad Hoc reporting

      Search functionality throughout the box (events, traps, syslog, alerts) similar to what we have in message center but more granular in the approach.

      Data stored in a separate DB that would automatically pull from existing polling DB on a scheduled basis.

      Perhaps even the ability to choose which devices are retained (maybe not everything needs to be kept for 7 years)  For example we monitor but don't alert on our test/dev environment.  I wouldn't see that information as viable for retention.


      I know this is off the wall and probably only needed by larger customers but I know I can't be the only person who gets asked for reports on data that I can't provide because I simply can't keep everything.