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    HTTP daemon error

    john mathew

      We have STM 5.0 installed , we had added a 2 node svc to STM. After adding SVC we are getting HTTP daemon error stating that it is getting continous hit from STM . When we removed SVC from RTP the error got stopped . When we checked using firewall SVC is getting continous hit from STM . How can we get rid of this.


      Please advise.




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          Is there a good reason you're running STM version 5.0 instead of the latest and greatest? We're now up to version 5.2.,2 and this would ensure that you get the latest code, the latest version of MySQL, and the latest version of bundled Java JRE in the code. If after upgrading you're still running into problems  with that SVC storage array, then I'd open up support case so we can take a more closer granular look.



          Milton Harris

          SolarWinds Technical Support