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    Flaw: Widget drill-down creates ambiguous query


      I paused on whether to call this a "flaw" or "bug", because it's somewhere in between. The issue is that when VMan monitors two or more vSphere clusters and those clusters happen to have datastores with the same name, drilling down into given datastore using the "Top-N: Datastore I/O Latency Latest" widget causes an ambiguous query to be built and executed in the Search pane.


      In our case, we have two datacenters connected by a high-speed link and one VMan instance monitors the vSphere clusters w/ separate vCenter instances and connected arrays beneath them. Since these sites operate independently, we employ a similar naming convention on the datastores and thus have two datastores with the name "vv_db_bronze_a", for example. When I noticed latency on that datastore in our Headquarters cluster this afternoon, I clicked on it to drill down and see what VMs were affected. This built the query: vm.datastore.name:"vv_db_bronze_a". It took me a second to figure out why I was seeing VMs from both of my sites showing up in the Search pane, until I noticed the query didn't differentiate between clusters.


      Thus, I suppose this is a logic flaw in the drill down that should be more specific so as to only gather the intended data. Granted, the ambiguous query that is generated can be useful, I suppose, when looking for all VMs in a certain datastore class, regardless of site, but in the given case, it should generate a more accurate query.