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    VM Monitoring in NPM

    Anthony Ussery

      I have a number of vCenters and ESX hosts monitored in NPM, with ESX credentials supplied.  However, the only information I'm getting on the guests is whether it's powered on or off, and I don't get actively notified if a VM goes down unless I individually set it to "Manage."  We have somewhere around 800 virtual guests in our network, do I really have to go through and enable each one, one by one, in order to get individual stats and alerts?  What is the preferred method for monitoring VMWare guests in NPM?  Any suggestions?

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          HI Anthony-


          Typically, you would want to manage all guests within SolarWinds NPM.  If this is not feasible, you could always opt to have vCenter send traps to NPM and then process the traps. However, this method does not allow you to collect all of the guest statistics within NPM. The question you need to ask is, where will you do most of your monitoring:  vCenter or NPM?   An ideal environment is managed guests in NPM with a combination of traps and polling.  Traps from vCenter and polling from NPM.



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