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    Rebuilding Pollers question....


      Hi folks


      Were looking to make the most of our next maintenance window for installing the latest version of NPM and eventually SAM by rebuilding our pollers to 2008R2.


      Our pollers are VMs so removing and rebuilding them should be a cinch, however Im just wondering if its simply a case of building a new 2008R2 VM with the same name & IP, installing the latest version of NPM and pointing it back at the primary?


      Will we need to move all nodes off each poller before rebuilding it using the node admin page?


      thanks in advance...

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          oh well


          We had our hand forced with this as one of our pollers went kaput.


          Pleased to report that we did indeed just move all nodes off the dead poller using NPM node management, build a 2008R2 VM with the same hostname  & IP address, installed the same releases of NPM and APM that are currently in use and pointed it to the Primary.


          The installers did the rest.


          Once "back in the farm" we moved the nodes back and everything was honky-dory.


          Just wondering how to do the Primary now - fiendish.