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    NPM portal login issues


      During the last week, my NPM 10.2 installation has started logging a couple errors every morning between 3-4am.


      The first error is:

      Event ID 4001 - Solarwinds.Orion.IpSla.BusinessLayer

      Service was unable to open new database connection when requested.

      Exception Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to obtaining a connection from the pool.  This may have occurred because all pooled connections were in use and max pool size was reached.



      The second error which occurs repeatedly every ~25 minutes after the above error:

      Event ID 7031 - Service Control Manager

      SolarWinds Orion Module Engine service terminated unexpectedly

      Fault bucket , type 0

      Event Name: CLR20r3

      Response: Not available

      Cab Id: 0

      Problem signature:

      P1: solarwinds.businesslayerhost.exe

      P2: 2011.2.21.23

      P3: 4f31f27e

      P4: SolarWinds.Orion.Common


      P6: 4c7c214f

      P7: e4

      P8: 13e

      P9: System.InvalidOperationException




      Once this condition occurs, NPM continues to run but I can no longer login to the web portal. Neither group nor individual accounts work. The login page just hangs indefinitely after entering credentials. If I have a browser session already open, I can continue to access the portal. Data collection and email alerting also appears to be unaffected so connectivity to the database still seems to be established. I have also setup a script which runs a sqlcmd to test connectivity to the database every 10 seconds and this test never fails. The database server is a separate box running SQL 2008 Enterprise and my DBA sees no issues with it.


      To recover from this state, I have to reboot the NPM server. Restarting the SolarWinds services and IIS is not enough to fix the issue. Does anyone know what may be causing this?