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    Uploading a complex PST


      We are working on an e-mail archiving project.

      As part of this, we are copying content from user's self managed PST files into their online Exchange mailboxes.


      It's not a big deal to do this manually, when users have a handful of folders containing their content.

      ...but when users have a large number of folders doing this one folder at a time can be time consuming, and as a multi-step process this can be even more time consuming if folders contain a large amout of content.


      It seems that if you are using Outlook 2003 as a client, you are able to use the folder view (as opposed to mail, calendar, or contact view) right click and drag the top level of the PST into a user's mailbox.  This will create a top level folder for all of the content, and complete in a single step.


      Unfortunately, when Outlook 2010 is used as the client, this does not appear to be an option.