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    Feature Request: Alert Engine - Add Conditionals to Trigger/Reset Actions Tab


      These conditionals would be like a condition group to contain the actions but also have the logic test on it.


      Our environment has multiple departments and needs extreme flexability without having to modify alerts or setting up alerts for specific groups. We accomplish a global set of alerts by creating unique FLAG values and store them in the NODES table as a custom field. As such we have current two common email destinations per group, email a inbox or email a pager. Imagine we have two groups, a Monitoring Group and Vendor Group. You can see that every "global" alert will need to be duplicated 4 times to capture all possible scenarios, testing for the base alert conditions, and their individual alert FLAG. Keep in mind that one alert might trigger multiple destinations depending on how we set the FLAGS. Since this is quickly growing out of control, I would like to see if we can add testing conditions to the trigger and reset tabs.


      So on a Trigger tab I could have a conditional test for a flag and the associated email action that points to one destination, repeat with the other flags and destinations. Think about even testing for built in things like Vendor values for those teams that say split Windows and Linux and performing other custom actions not necessarily email actions.


      As no such functionality exists today I am having to write an external windows service to perform the parsing and destination processing so that we can still have one "global" alert. Just to make it obvious again, duplication of the base alert multiple times to keep it all internal to the engine is not feasable for us anymore, I would prefer this ability be inside of Orion to help simplfy our environment, but I will live with my custom external service solution if I have to.


      Thanks for your time!