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    current network connections vs. all network connections?  Data seems to be flip-flopped


      Hi all,


      I'm troubleshooting some issues with UDT, and I came across something that seems very odd to me.


      After searching for a MAC / IP address, on the "Device Tracker Endpoint Details" page, we have a box for "All Network Connections" and one for "Current Network Connections".


      But the data in the boxes seems to be flip flopped.  Under "All Network Connections", every entry has a data, time and current in it.  I.e. "4/13/2012 1:22:06 PM - CURRENT".   Under "Current Network Connection", it just shows the interface, node name, duration, and connection type.


      Am I crazy, or do these sound backwards to anyone else?   If so, is this something I can fix manually, or is it a bug of some sort?


      Thanks much,