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    NPM 10.2.2 List Resources selects all at random bug?


      I dont know if this is a bug or if i am just seeing things but two times this has happend to me so far in the last 2 weeks and i cannot seem to duplcate the problem.

      I was clicking on list resources for one of our nodes and on this node only a few resources are being monitored. but all of the resoruces showed up as being monitored with a checkbox next to each interface. for example below only specific items are montiored. but this time all even inactve interfaces were selected. I clicked on cancel and not submit to stop this. One of my co-workers was adding an interface to be monitored and it selected all to be monitored and then submited without knowing. This is bad due to the alerts we have in place which then sent out many emails for interfaces that were down.

      Has anyone else seen this in 10.2.2 yet?




      NPM 10.2.2


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