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    IBM Websphere MQ


      Need out of the box MQ monitoring. It looks like it can be done with Solarwinds, but we would need to create our own MIB's. Not a practical approach.  ManageEngine's solution use these .jar files for monitoring MQ components, com.ibm.mq.jar, com.ibm.mq.pcf-6.0.jar and connector.jar. What is solarwinds position on MQ monitoring and is it in development. This may be a SAM deal breaker for us.

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          Have you tried using JMX to monitor the MQ? Once JMX is enabled on Websphere you can use the "Find Processes, Services, and Performance Counters" Wizard to search for mbeans via JMX that you'd like to monitor. This is a much preferred agentless method for monitoring Java application server statistics.