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    NCM7 Integration (Add/Manage Nodes)


      We have a large number of nodes managed by Orion Core that are not defined (and never will be) in NCM (Total Nodes 5825, Nodes Managed by NCM 4581).


      We use the 'Licensed by NCM' property to add Orion Core nodes to NCM - the list runs to 55+ pages (1250+ nodes) that will never be added into NCM.


      This makes it very difficult to filter those nodes that actually need adding (and a huge number of page forward requests).


      I propose that an enhancement be made to the 'Licensed by NCM' property to allow three values.


      Instead of the current No/Yes, allow 'No/Yes/Never' and provide a mechanism to manually set this property to 'Never' via a drop down action box.


      This would make a significant difference to NCM node management for us.