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    One Pain To Rule Them All

    Matt Vogt

      The 'single pane of glass' has been advertised and flaunted to every sys admin on the planet for years. The promise is that we can manage our heterogeneous storage, software, servers, storage, network, virtualization environment, children, in-laws, etc. in one easy to use, easy to customize, OpEx lowering wonder kid of enterprise IT management. Well, I've not been able get rid of all my multiple management/monitoring tools yet, so I'm not convinced it exists.


      But should it?


      Do you want to manage/monitor your storage environment with your network? Your virtualization environment with your physical hardware? Or can I get much more useful information about what's going on in my SAN from my vendors too?


      Of course there's efficiency to be gained in fault causality analysis when you see 4 VMs experiencing high latency and you can trace that to a LUN on a SAN, or network congestion on a physical VMware ESXi host uplink. But is it too much too ask of one tool to see it all? My main issue is that these tools have and display simply too much information to make it helpful. I'm personally in the camp of wanting a small number of really good tools that can correlate pertinent information: LUNs to my virtual infrastructure datastores, virtual machine to physical uplinks on physical switches.


      Am I off my rocker? If you like the idea of a single tool, I have two questions. Have you found one you swear by? If you haven't, what would be in your perfect 'single pane of glass'?