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    Finding out where a particular ToS is coming from?


      Hi guys,


      I am fairly new to NTA, so first does anyone know any good videos or reading material on how to use it?


      Next, I have something on my network that is sending traffic with a DSCP value of CS5. Does anyone know how I can use NTA to find what endpoint is doing this?



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          Hi Cory,


          You'll be able to find some resources on Netflow and the NTA module here.


          There are a few ways to find what you're looking for, this is one of them. Assuming your exporting the Netflow which has the CS5 data to Orion;

          • Access your Orion web interface and hover over the Netflow tab and click on NTA Summary.
          • You should have the Flow Navigator hugging the left side of the page, expand it by clicking on the arrows.
          • Under the View Type section, change the Summary View drop down box to Endpoints.
          • Expand the Types of Service (TOS) selection criteria. Depending on the specifications of the server for Orion and the amount of Netflow data you're capturing it may take a moment to load the possible selections.
          • Make sure it's set to Include and then use the second drop down box and select the TOS you want to filter; CS5. Then press submit.
          • The page should then reload with endpoint information for data that is using CS5.