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    NPM Group Member Reports


      I created SW group member reports to report monthly statistics for defined groups. The report always shows the group at 100%. Obviously that is because the group is always available. What I need is the group to report availability sum of members of the group. Has anyone ever done this??? SW supports says I need to build custom SQL queries to extract that information.


      Any help or guidance is appreciated.       

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          I too put together a group report trying to get member stats.  All I got was 100% availability for all menbers which I knwe was incorrect. I then put together a custom report using my custom properties and confirmed that some of my member nodes were 99.99xxx available. I contacted Tech Support and the Tech said he said he didn't use Groups but created his reports using custom properties due to these issues. It looks like in Groups might just round everything up.


          Too bad.  The group function would be a good idea if done properly.