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    Monitoring down frequency


      In many situations, we alert if a monitor has gone down for a certain length of time - say 5 minutes. In the event an application is going down for a minute every other minute, something is definitely wrong, but I would never know it. It would be great to be able to alert if a monitor goes down 'x' times in 'y' minutes.

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          Something like an alert for application availability < 95% for 20 minutes.  I just checked the alerts gui and it's not there sadness.  You would need to do an Custom SQL alert to do it.

          Something like:

          where APM_ApplicationAlertsData.ApplicationID in (

          SELECT [ApplicationID]

            FROM [NetPerfMon].[dbo].[APM_ApplicationStatus_Detail]

            where [Timestamp] > dateadd(MINUTE,-10,GETUTCDATE())

            group by ApplicationID

            having AVG(PercentAvailability) < 95