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    OoB Linux Support (Os Information/CPU/Disk/Memory)


      Hi to all,

      We have more linux boxes (600+) than windows servers (500+). Even with the latest version (10.3 RC) Orion NPM supports linux badly. I had a lot of complaints about  wrong CPU & Memory information. So linux admins are trying to use/buy other nms solutions just for this reason. You can tell the fault is net-snmp side. But I just wonder how the other NMSs (even the free ones) show the real information about;


      • OS version information (not just net-snmp)
      • CPU Information
        • CPU Usage
        • CPU Count
        • Multiple CPU Graphic
      • Memory Information/Memory Usage
      • Total Disk Space/Disk Usage


      For Example:


      • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (32 Bit)
      • CPU
        • 8 CPU
        • CPU Usage
      • 64 GB Memory/12 GB Memory Usage
      • 250 GB Disk/200 GB Usage or 50 GB Free Disk Space


      And If I am not mistaken you need an agent on the server side for SAM. Nobody wants to install a large sized agent on their servers. So I think the real problem is Orion OoB linux support. Is it too much to ask? Not all systems are windows these days.


      Please support linux systems just like you support Juniper (at last).


      Also i still need a workaround for all these information.

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          You might want to go back to your admins and see how they are checking their info.  We've found that the vast majority of the issues with Linux are related to either admins not understanding how to use their own tools or outdated versions of SNMP being run on the client.  Overall we have a similar number of linux boxes being monitored and the only issue that I haven't been able to relate to either of the above is reserved space not being taken into account on volumes; unfortunately, it doesn't look like net-snmp returns that information so I doubt that you would have much success with another SNMP based solution.