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    Hardware Specific Web Managment Link


      Would be helpful to have the web management link on the page somewhere. I know there's already an HTTP link, but that's to port 80. Dell's Server Administrator runs on HTTPS 1311 and HP System Management Homepage runs on HTTPS 2381. I feel this would be a good addition to the "Hardware Details" section with the link to the proper vendors web management page.


      This is specific to SAM 5.0.0.

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          I did something very similar on my Node Details page using Custom HTML for system management and for iLO access.  In the simplest form, you can use built-in variables from SAM:


          <A HREF="https://${caption}:2381" target="_blank">System Management Homepage</A>


          Or, use IP_Address if your captions (host names) are not consistent:


          <A HREF="https://${IP_Address}:2381" target="_blank">System Management Homepage</A>


          You can take it much further from there - I use a lot of PHP and call custom pages in iframes using the Custom HTML boxes on my Node Details and application pages.  For example, a few lines of PHP code can test for connectivity on port 2381 and, if successful, display the link for HP servers and / or test for port 1311 for Dells, etc.  If a VM is found, I have two options: a link to the Vcenter page or a link to the ESX host iLO.   


          Hope that helps!

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