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    PCI compliance and Compaq Insight Manager Agents??


      We upgraded our dev. instance of Orion to SAM 5.0 and I LOVE it!. So now we are getting ready to move to prod. with the upgrade. Hardware monitoring has been a huge issue for up to this point and SAM seems to square this away with little effort. So getting ready to start monitoring the hardware in prod and was notified by our Win admin team that due to PCI requierments the CIM agents had to be disabled. I have tried to research this statement and have found absolutly nothign that supports this statement. Actually I have found numerous articles that state CIM can help with PCI compliance... So my question is pretty general but has anyone else ever heard of CIM agents causing PCI concerns? I am waiting for details as to what the agents do that violates PCI but any additional info would be most welcomed.


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          When you say "CIM", are you meaning CIM as related to WMI or "SIM" as related to "System Insight Manager" - which is from HPSIM, the hardware management platform from HP.  (Possibly, "CIM" as in Compaq Insight Manager (legacy name)  I assume the later and am not aware of "PCI requirements" or incompatibility with PCI.  I don't want to assume without knowing the whole story, but I would push for more specifics so you can ask here or HP's forums.  We have 1000+ servers and have the HP agents installed and running without issues and all our hardware monitored in SAM.





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              Arg, You are correct Jason, I am showing my age here with the CIM comment LOL. Yes, I am refering to HPSIM. I have requested detailed information as to why the HPSIM agents were identified as causing PCI concerns but have yet to hear back. I will post the info once I have it in hand. I find it very hard to believe HPSIM would not be PCI compliant as it is industry standard.

              Thanks for taking the time to review my post and commenting. I am still trying to get back up to date with monitoring as I was out of the game for 3 years.