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    LEM 5.4 RC1 Known Issues & Tips

    nicole pauls

      Hey All,


      I hope you've all had a chance to download and install the LEM 5.4 Release Candidate. If you've had trouble finding it on your portal, installing it, or have questions about ANY of the features, please don't hesitate to post here on Thwack and let us help you. You might also want to check out the blog post I just put up which details some of the RC features: Log & Event Manager 5.4 RC Available (including screenshots and tips related to some of the items).


      I wanted to pass on a few known issues we've discovered in the LEM RC1 build and let you know that there will be an RC2 sometime next week. For most of you it won't be a noticeable change. Here's what we've got so far:

      • TIP: Browser Console: difficulty accessing by IP or name
        • If you access an activated/licensed LEM appliance via https:// using the IP address (not name) in your browser, you might have trouble until you add it to your browser's certificate exception and/or Trusted IP list.
        • If you access an activated/licensed LEM appliance via https:// using the NAME in your browser, you may see certificate warnings. You'll want to import the certificate from the appliance, add it to your exceptions list, and always make sure that forward/reverse DNS match.
      • TIP: Browser Console: using import/export settings
        • When you export settings from your AIR Console and import them to your Browser Console, any settings will be overwritten. If you'd built filters or made other changes in the Browser Console, they will disappear and be replaced with whatever you had in your AIR Console - i.e. there is no "merge" only "overwrite.
        • When you import settings from AIR, you will need to type in and save your password again. The two storage mechanisms are different AND we stored your original password in such a way that we can't decrypt and re-encrypt it.
      • ISSUE:  The RC download only downloads the upgrade, not all of the additional downloads (Hyper-V appliance install, agents, etc).
        • The agents haven't changed between 5.3.1 and 5.4, but some of you might need the Hyper-V appliance download. If that's you, just let myself or support know, and we can get you the right link.
        • This will be resolved at the time of release.
      • ISSUE: After an appliance migration import, it will show "evaluation" instead of production/licensed.
        • The workaround is to reboot. We're going to ship this as-is in 5.4 but will keep an eye on it for improvement in the future.
      • ISSUE: Customers that had original log storage/nDepth enabled will find that it's disabled after upgrade.
        • If this applies to you, you won't be able to search your original log storage after upgrade. Data will still queue and won't be lost. Support can help fix this.
        • This will be resolved in RC2.
      • ISSUE: In nDepth, you might see "random" numbers in the ExtraneousInfo field.
        • This issue only appears in nDepth and shouldn't have much other than cosmetic impact.
        • This will be resolved in RC2.
      • ISSUE: The "Learn More" & "Help" links are 404s. (Videos work! Check them out!!)
        • This documentation is being finalized and we don't want to disrupt any current customers from accessing our current help/docs.
        • This will be resolved at the time of release.
      • ISSUE: Some customers may encounter issues adding Directory Service (AD) Users/Groups, especially with multiple domains.
        • With a single domain, this is unlikely but possible; with multiple domains it's extremely likely. You might not be able to add users/groups.
        • This will be resolved in RC2.


      That's it for now, check out the blog post, let us know if you've got any feedback or questions!