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    Feature Request: Email configs as txt file attachements


      It would be helpful to be able to email each nodes config as a seperate txt file after running a scheduled download config job.


      I know you can email the results, but it doesn't include the actual configs. 


      This is useful for DR in the event we loss a switch and need to restore its config when we are out of the office.  Having all of them handy within an email would be great.


      We are running NCM 6.1, havent upgraded to 7.0 yet, not sure if this already exists.



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          In a true DR scenario, you would have copies of your backed up configuration files at your DR site already, or backed up to media stored offsite that could be restored quickly.  Email is not a secure way of sending any sensitive information, especially something with passwords embedded.  Besides, what if in your disaster scenario your email system is down for an extended period - no config files!  The backup feature of NCM is very good and could probably copy the config to more than one location (live site and DR site), or invoke a script to copy the configs to another location.  Good luck!