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    Huawei IPv6

    Daniel Tan



      I try to add a IPv6 nodes (Huawei equipment) into solarwinds NPM and select the “Most Devices: SNMP and ICMP - Recommended” but it unable to add the IPv6 nodes. And it fail the test.


      Where as if I will to select “Status only: ICMP” , I am able to add the same node using IPv6.


      What is needed to be done in order for solarwinds to detect Huawei equipment configure for IPv6?

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          Andy Ng

          Hi Daniel,


          Orion NPM accepted IPv6, that is why adding the Node as ICMP-only helped.

          Validation tests are trying to pull out information from the SNMP-agent, but failed.

          The reason I could think of that is causing the issue is the SNMP-agent on the Huawei device.


          You might want to try running a snmpwalk from the Orion server to the Huawei device at the IPv6 address and see if that works for you.

          If it doesn't, Orion NPM will not be able to do it.


          Maybe a reconfiguration on the device's SNMP-agent is required.



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              Daniel Tan

              Hi Andy,


              Thanks for the information.


              On the equipment side, do we need to configure the equipment to point to the solarwinds SNMP IPv6 address?

              snmp-agent target-host trap address udp-domain { ip-address | ipv6 ipv6-address } [ udp-port port-number ] params securityname security-string [ v1 | v2c | v3 [ authentication | privacy ] ]


              I suspect that the equipment do not support IPv6 SNMP that why it fail when it try to pull the information.




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                  Andy Ng

                  I am not very sure on the configuration of the Huawei device.

                  Maybe someone in thwack might be familiar.

                  Alternatively, you might want to check with the hardware vendor - as they will know their product best.