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    Event monitoring


      Has anyone used Virtualization Manager to monitor events in vSphere? In particular, it would be great if it could flag up abnormal host events (temporary loss of datastore connectivity, for example), for later review. Is this possible?

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          I'm not aware of that capability, though it would definitely be useful since my vSphere Client event logs tend to rollover too quickly, it seems, when I'm looking for historical information. Shout out where you're looking, if I've just not seen that area of VMan.


          It would seem that this kind of event watching and correlation would be more in line with SolarWinds' Log & Event Manager (LEM) product, which can poll syslogs, etc. I have my ESX boxes syslog to a Kiwi server and am considering a trial of SLEM now that it can leverage an existing Kiwi repository of logs.


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