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    Object Storage - For SaaS Eyes Only?

    Matt Vogt

      Object storage has been around for quite some time now and the idea continues to enamour me as more and more vendors are putting better solutions together around it. On the architecture end, there’s Dell’s DX, OpenStack’s Swift, EMC’s Atmos and others. On the services end you have Amazon’s S3, HP’s Cloud Object Storage, Azure's Blob, etc. Object storage is quickly being seen as the storage solution for the cloud, and that totally works.

      But what about for you in your datacenter(s)? Is it a solution looking for a problem or is it just not being looked at by the right people (storage admins rather than developers)?

      I’m fully aware that some medical and legal operations have implemented object storage for its mutability/immutability/partial-mutabilty feature set, but what about for your unstructured data growth? What about using it to ‘replace’ archives for your unstructured data (duck and cover from my backup/archive friends)?