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    Complex Alert




      We are monitoring Tomcat Application servers Heap Memory usage. So now i want to configure alert if  Used Heap memory is equal to Max Heap memroy then send alert. For this i am configuring Advance Complex alert because it has filed to compare two component. But i don't know how do i put login in place. Here what i did but its not working.. Could you suggest how do i compare two value?



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          Steven Klassen

          Hey Satish,


          First, if the node is down you're going to have an unknown status for your application, so you needn't check for that.  Second, you've already set the component name to 'Memory Heap Used (B)' so you then need to compare the status of that component to the 'Memory Heap Max Size (B)' value.  It should read: field Component Status (or numeric status, if that's available - I'm drawing a blank) is greater than or equal to Memory Heap Max Size (B).