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    Odd behavior with SEUM


      I will open a support request after this post but wanted to see if anyone else on Thwack may have experienced similar issues and even better, found solutions.


      I am trying to make a SEUM recording of a user logging into our companies website and then send a penny ($.01) to a second test account.


      Then log out.


      Then I want to have a second recording log into the site as test user account 1 and simply accept the penny transfer.

      Then log out.


      This seems like it would be a very basic recording but when I play the recording back it seems like SEUM is confusing something and causing the send transaction to fail. This is hard to explain so I have added photos below. Note after SEUM enters the actual amount of the transaction and clicks review I am prompted with an error stating I must specify the amount. .01 cents is a fine amount and the recording completes with no issues when I am typing and recording. Only during the playback does the transaction fail and throw this error.


      SEUM has already logged in successfuly. This is the beginning of the send transaction.






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          Hello Stephen,

          this issue may be caused by the way which SEUM uses to replay text input. If "amount" field uses some kind of JavaScript validation logic, it is possible that when SEUM enters text into it, it doesn't trigger required validation events. SEUM doesn't physically pres keys on the keyboard so generated events are little different and specific pages may fail on this.

          You didn't mention which version of SEUM you have but if you have SEUM 1.5, you can try to use "XY Capture mode". In this mode SEUM simulates physical key presses and it may help in this case. Record beginning of the transaction as usual but before you enter amount, turn-on "XY capture mode" and enter amount, then turn XY mode off and continue as usual. If this doesn't help, you may try to record whole transaction with "XY capture mode" turned on.


          Just keep in mind that transactions with XY mode can be played back only on players installed on Windows Vista or newer.

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