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    Automatic Poller Tuning - Override


      The recent change of Orion to automatically tune the polling engine is a nice feature, but it needs to be fixed!


      Per the notes, this is set based on an "internal" calculation from SolarWinds. The problem is, there is no option to override it. I have beefy boxes, that sit nearly idle, but the software is scaling my polling intervals to unacceptable levels. I'm not even being very aggressive- 60 seconds for node and interface status, and 5 minutes for statistics.


      The machines I'm using have 24 cores, 64 GB RAM, 10GB interfaces (AKA overkill).


      This, in my opinion, is not a feature request, but a bug fix. If something isn't solved soon, I'll have to revert to a previous version- obviously something I don't want to do. I opened a support ticket, and they opened a feature request. I'm hoping the community will pipe in and help escalate this.