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    NPM- Fixed Disk Alert Exclusion

    Jeff Page

      Hi Everyone,


      I have a question for somebody who is good at creating custom alerts for disk space. I have an alert that triggers if any fixed disk gets below 99%; however, we have some servers that have mapped drives to a NAS which  I would like to omit from monitoring. Rather than specify each volume to be omitted in the alert job; how would I accomplish this? Below is my current script.


      Volume Percent Used is Greater than 99

      VolumeType is equal to Fixed Disk

      ServerType is equal to Physical

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          Andy Ng



          You might want to make use of Custom Properties.

          [Start > Programs > SolarWinds Orion > Grouping and Access Control > Custom Property Editor]


          And create a Custom Property for Volumes, and group all drives that are mapped to NAS.

          E.g. a Yes/No Custom Property called NAS


          Back to the Trigger Condition of the Advanced Alert, you can use the following:


          Trigger Alert when ALL of the following apply:

             Volume Percent Used is greater than 99

             VolumeType is equals to Fixed Disk

             ServerType is equals to Physical

             NAS is not equals to Yes