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    NPM 10.3 Beta 3 is now available!




      We have the 3rd installement of NPM 10.3 beta ready for you!
      Mav has already written about the previous betas here .


      Betas are early development builds that are not supported in production.
      All support assistance is provided directly by development on thwack using this forum.
      Also, upgrades to future betas are not supported.
      If you are an existing NPM customer and want to give this a try and give us some feedback, please fill out this survey and we'll provide you the download information.

      So what's in Beta 3?

      Tons of fixes and improvements, most of them listed below.


      But I wanted to come back on an improvement that was already available in 10.3 Beta 1, driven by MANY of you.
      Whith this improvement, your UnDP alerts based on tables can now contain an identification of which row of the table experienced the alert violation condition.
      Your alert can now look like this (the row identification, i.e. the port in this case - highlighted in yellow - is now part of the caption)


      Where previously your table-based alerts could not identify the row (only the node is identified below)


      We hope that you'll like NPM 10.3 and will post your feedback in this forum (great opportunity to try the new thwack!).
      Remember, you need to fill the survey first, but it takes just a couple of minutes.

      As discussed above, here is the list of what is fixed in 10.3 beta 3.
      Some of you may recognize your case number and description.
      Note the last one (Wirelesss Thin Client improvements), which was also reported by many of you.

      Call Manager not pull CPU and Memory - Case 244946
      ** NPM not monitoring CPU/Memory on Cisco CallManagers
      Orion NPM is not recognizing our Nexus 5000 devices - Case 268571
      Default email content for Email Alert action - Case 281372
      Add SWIS verb to clear an event
      Aggregate Bandwidth Graphs - Case 290196- Case
      Add Cisco 4510 R  E to SysObjectID database 292087
      Wrong access point model - Implemented. - Case 296668
      Inaccuracy in recognizing device machine type - Case 298726
      Implement Memory poller for CPQHost-MIB
      Swop Polling Method for Nodes - Case 306267
      NPM Syslog: Does anything work here?!?- Case  196091
      Manage Nodes page produce blank pdf document- Case  223403
      PDF does not contain data - Case 229273
      Dynamic query on Description not working! - Case 262167
      HOSTNAME field is not resolving consistently in TRAPS table - Case 263482
      orion vulnerability - Case 274857
      Export to PDF only results with toolbar display - Case 276220
      Ping statistics are 2 hours out of date and drifting - Case 277618
      List resources in NPM timing out - Case 289375
      NPM Linux RAM polling - Case 288516
      GMP - v10.2  LIST resources slow - Case 291120
      From the List Resources screen- Case  295647
      OpenVMS Hosts Memory - Case 296238
      Report Scheduler - Case 286956
      Report Scheduler always prints at default printer (W2003) and print doesn't work on W2008 - Case 304664
      Apostrophe not supported in node name - Case 304201
      Issues with NPM L2/L3 Discovery - Case 300414
      Queries pulling from Machine type instead of Node description - Case 305499
      Information Service constantly crashing - Case 312670
      Incorrect Reboot Report - Case 317580
      Trap alerts not firing - Case 317749
      NPC Wirelesss Thin Client - Case 287032
      Wireless Question - support disappeared APs - Case 303252
      Wireless devices disappear when down - Case 306270
      Power monitoring, alerts - Case 313467
      NPM Security Vulnerability - Case 272394
      Vulnerability - Is this being addresses with an update? - Case 274482
      PDF Reports from Web page are blank - Case 214376
      PDF Export issues - Case 248220
      Wireless access point alerting issues - Case 293308
      added CPU pollers for Apresia devices
      Enhance and include Gap analysis tool into Core package -
      Orion SDK: Support Alert clearing capability -
      Change polling method for node -
      Implement user configurable Topology poll interval
      Implement new setting "Build connections for unknown ports"
      new charts are the default on Node Details page
      Orion patching system provides to patch existing modules
      Energywise Polling: EnergyWise devices was migrated to Collector
      Wirelesss Thin Client improvements:
        - Aruba polling was fixed. We are now polling status for Aruba's APs and not removing APs when they have no interfaces.
        - We are able to recognize disassociated APs on Cisco controller. Disassociated thin APs have yellow (warning) icon and it is possible to create an alerts on this.
        - Thin APs on Cisco controllers are showing SSIDs.
        - Better support of disappeared APs (APs that were removed from controller). These APs have grey (unknown) icon and they are automatically removed from DB in the next poll. You are able to create an alert on AP going to unknown (disassociated) status.
        - Two WL events have been added: New rogue AP was detected and Thin AP disappeared from controller. Second event is enabled by default