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    Tabular UDP and Advanced Alert message formatting


      I have been playing with tabular universal device pollers to show multiple PSU status in Nortel 8600 switches. I have created an advanced alert which triggers when the status is 'down' and works as expected, however I am struggling with the formatting of the alert message. The nature of the poller means that I get three values returned when really I just want to know which of the PSU has an issue.


      There are two variables:

      ${CustomPollerStatus.RowID} - 1, 2, 3

      ${CustomPollerStatus.Status} - up, down, empty


      As there doesn't look to be any way to do this I thought I would use a table in the alert message instead.

      I would be happy(ish) if I could produce something like the below (in html) but I need to split the variables in to three -  is it possible to transform the alert variable? Please let me know if I'm missing something obvious!


      | PSU No.  |     1     |     2     |     3     |

      | Status     |     up    |  down  |     up   |



      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.