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    Lansurveyor Opinions Needed


      Please share what you think about Lansurveyor.  If possible, I'd be happy to e-mail you directly.


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          I just saw this so i'll respond here and send you an email as well.

          I just really dove into LANsurveyor and its proving to be very useful. I wish entering credential sets for the Solarwinds desktop apps was much, much easier or at least shared one Credentials repository. We have SW Engineer's Toolset and some programs share SNMP credentials and some don't and it becomes a cumbersome pain in the but task to enter all of our SNMP strings and V3 credentials every time. LANsurveyor is not exception. The frustrating part is in LANsurveyor there is not a way to Test the credentials you have entered like in the other credential sets.



          Also, i'm noticing ports not showing for some devices and the caption for scanning a Nexus 5548 is "Nexus5k-01 Ports" for our nexus's and other switch devices.


          Other than that i'm still playing around with the tool, trying to derive value for the information provided.